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Crowning Glory

Most of us are familiar with the golden adage: A woman's hair is her crowning glory. Indeed, more than being just an intrinsic part of her appearance, the length and style of her hair defines her self-image more than any other physical attribute, and expresses volumes to the world at large.

The old adage honours long, flowing locks by tradition but, here, it’s this expression via style that's the true inspiration for this site: to hopefully illustrate how short hair can be equally as feminine ... and certainly sexy!

You don't need to be a professional stylist to appreciate great, sexy hair! So, instead of extolling the virtues of either long or short hair, this site invites you to peruse the drama & sex-appeal of both.

The Content

Beauty is obviously a subjective thing that lies in the eye of each beholder, and it's for that reason why the galleries aren't based entirely around personal favourites. The site combines a wide mix of images from an existing collection - some originally saved from sites that, regrettably, have long since disappeared - plus some brand new material that I've looked forward to sharing for the first time.

Style galleries feature long hair at its spellbinding best to the most courageous of bobs & crops, while the makeovers section includes some breathtaking transformations and celebrity virtuals.

Finally, there's the polls section you might enjoy popping onto at some point :)

Latest News & Updates

Saturday 15 Jun, 2013:

Fervent apologies for the lack of updates; this is largely due to my re-developing large portions of the site to enable the future addition of new features and improved security, but several new pages are now already underway.

In the Hairstyles section: kicking things off for this most long-overdue of updates is the new Angled Bobs page, with three other new galleries to be added over the forthcoming days, followed by other updates across the entire site asap.

For more details, please refer to the 'Recent Updates' list below; Visitors with RSS-enabled browsers can additionally subscribe to the Updates feed. Your comments, queries or suggestions are always welcome, either on the guestbook or e-mail.

Recent Updates