Celebrating women's hair at its most dramatic


Sophistication & Seduction

Although upstyles are frequently associated with formal occasions, more straightforward updo’s can also be a stylish & practical alternative to the everyday ponytail, whether worn up partially, or fully. As with ponytails or braids, upstyles are an ideal way of wearing long hair during the heat of summer - except, as an added bonus, they can also reveal a gorgeous nape & hairline.

This gallery demonstrates their diversity & glamour - ranging from the traditional grace of formal chignons and highly ornate styles (quite often an art-form in their own right), to simple or impromptu variations held in place with hair-sticks.

Last, but by no means least, let’s not overlook their tremendous capacity for seduction - such is the effect of watching it falling free from its constraints & tumbling down the back. Upstyles certainly play their own part in the drama of long, beautiful hair.

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